A Visualisation of the interior of the Tardis as a whole pieced together using my primer project research including my storyboard.

Co-Start Cardiff: Tardis Co-Living

A "Narrow House" Co-Living Scheme Inspired by Doctor Who, for Entrepreneurial Digital Nomads situated in the heart of Cardiff.

Reha Shah

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The proposed high-street

The Making of Marks

A study into the maker, material and making process.

Grace Taylor

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Palace of Care

Social Care Rehabilitation Centre for Ageing Hearing Loss Group

Qinying Tan

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Waterfront Creative

A civic addition to the Swansea waterfront

Gyulhan Ibryamov

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'Scape' to the Rural

Overcoming Barriers and Creating New Connections

Julia Garnelo Gutiérrez

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A Kit of Parts for Knowle West: Facilitating Democratic Craft Through Community-Led Design

A community-led incremental building process.

Ruth Skidmore

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The Future of Declining Department Stores

Can a redesign of declining department stores offer a solution to new housing trends?

Carlton Howard

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Treforest centre for well-being

Repairing a damaged community by harnessing the natural landscape.

Simon Hughes

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Growing Smart: The Urban Form and its Impact on Health

Establishing the link between health and wellbeing and the re-development of cities.

Josh Hayward

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Straw Hub

Llandaff community centre

Dana Gorbatiuc

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Urban Commons with a Public Infrastructure in Urban Park Projects

Research and design of public building in Butetown

Supitcha Pongpetbundit

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Rendering of the outdoor growing area on the urban farm

Wake Urban Interstitial Space Up!

Questioning the ambivalence of urban commons: a comparative investigation

Hanshen He

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Apply creative industrial architecture activate the in-between spaces of industrial sites in Deptford

This research project is under the European Funded research project EMUVE (Euro Mediterranean Urban Voids Ecology),which is focuses on the existing voids produced by current shrinking cities at the Euro‐Mediterranean

Sidong LI

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Questioning the Ambivalence of Urban Commons

Cultural and Artistic Complex in Butetown

Yijia Chen

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Pixel Tree

Living Structure for Community Planting

Yuting Xie

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