The proposed high-street

The Making of Marks

A study into the maker, material and making process.

Grace Taylor

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The Future of Declining Department Stores

Can a redesign of declining department stores offer a solution to new housing trends?

Carlton Howard

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Questioning the Ambivalence of Urban Commons: A Comparative Investigation

The Adaptive Reuse Intervention At The Brains Brewery Site

Yapeng Wang

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The Homes Within

Year 2, Semester 1

Bethan Batson

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Repurposing the Department Store

University of Swindon

Joshua Hyland

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The Granary Community Kitchen

Aquaculture Education Centre and Communal Kitchen in St Davids.

Abdul-Raheem Diment

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The WorkHome Cooperative

The thesis asks whether badly performing 20th Century offices can be saved and repurposed as WorkHome developments that provide living and workplaces of the future, reducing the need for commuting.

Thomas Rose

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Play to see

An alternative guidance

Zsófi Veres

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The Musician's House

The Place where community Performs

Aleksandra Banas

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Butetown Children's Library

A coalition for change in a neighbourhood deprived by crime and child poverty.

Eleanor Pavier

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The Human Library

Re-imagining the Library as a place for interaction between disparate social groups.

Richard Kirk

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An Optical Rebuild

Bishop's Palace Performing Arts Centre

Iulia Tenea

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A Patchwork Community

Revitalising a neglected rural village with a proposal that integrates with and enhances the existing infrastructure and consolidates the resources of a small community.

Charlotte Amos

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Llandaff Theme Park

To move. To pause. To wander.

Zsófi Veres

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House of movement

Retrofit project

jermaine chok

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