The Shape of Music

The Shape of Music


Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

How soundscapes can be used to create links between places and people.

The project addresses the problem of noise pollution in the city centre, as well as the growing lack of burial spaces in Cardiff. It focuses primarily on an abandoned old graveyard hidden in the back of the Tabernacle Chapel in the Hayes.

The site is not only heavily noise polluted, but has also lost its historical and cultural value. The old graveyard used to take up the entirety of what is now a car park, and today even many visitors of the church are not aware of its' existence. The project expands this graveyard to a cemetery and attempts to bring more attention to it by changing the soundscape of the place.

The soundscape of the site is changed through the shape of the proposal, which is designed in a way that will reflect sounds identified as "noise" away from the new cemetery, and redirect other sounds into it, such as music from nearby establishments, from the chapel, or from the street. This form is achieved through digital analysis in Grasshopper.

The project changes the way this space is experienced from an auditory perspective, rather than visual. The proposed result is the new soundscape, rather than the physical building.

Anait Melkonyan


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