Youth Center

Youth Center


Bristol, City of Bristol, West of England, England, BS1 6UU, United Kingdom

Project Description

Youth Center

My project’s themes is to find the ambivalence of the conflict between openness and
exclusion of the urban commons, where the environment at multiple scales promotes
the common use of urban resources. My project is focusing on the lack of management site in Spike Island, Bristol and want to transform it into common place by combining surrounding stakeholders and common activities.

My project is to build a youth center, beacuse of the lacking function of leisure and
open place for children and adolescents in the site.

fter using the methods of framework, interview, maps, diagram, analysis of precedents,
literature, observation, drawing and photographing, I propose intervention strategy
and design.

As I learn from Phnom Penh, when space is used on a large scale so that it is saturated, people will find public space to meet their needs. But ambivalence about urban commons when the function of space does not effectively solve this problem.
Therefore, my design strategy is to divide the space vertically, so that the space can be distributed at different levels to meet the complex stakeholder relationship, while utilizing the characteristic architectural elements to connect with the surrounding
environment and promote the sustainability of the area.