Day 1: Research-Focused

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Day 1: Research-Focused


Date: 20 June 2022

Time: 4pm

Variety of presentations of research carried out by students and researchers within WSA.


16:10: "Hidden Voices, Hidden Gems"
by Shade Abdul

16:30: "Shaping the Surface: Exploring qualities of materiality and surface in British architectural design."
by Stephen Kite

16:50: "The refugee city : The underlying values in the alternative practices of urbanism in Amsterdam"
by Monisha Peter

17:10: "A Theatre of Complexity – A Relational and Dynamic Framework for Heritage and Sustainability"
by Lui Tam

17:30: "Liveable Urbanism: challenges of urbanisation in global south"
by Shibu Raman

17:50: "Break"

18:00: "Bangers, BBQs and air quality"
by Simon Lannon

18:20: "Decision-making for Regenerative design: Helping future generations to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals"
by Clarice Bleil De Souza

18:40: "Interractive Architecture for People with Learning Disabilities: Utilizing Co-Design to Move towards equitable Public Buildings. "
by Menatalla Kasem

19:00: "CircuBED – transitioning towards sustainable circular cities."
by Marianna Marchesi