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Justyna Matuszewska |

Hi! My name is Justyna (jus-tee-nuh). I have recently completed my RIBA Part 1 studies at WSA, and I am excited to begin another chapter. I am a highly motivated, positive, and enthusiastic individual. I am committed to everything I do and always strive to improve myself. I believe in architecture that takes into consideration context, communities, and tradition. My motto is that people should always be at the centre of the design process, as we cater to their needs first and foremost. I have a keen interest in sustainability, preservation, and reconnecting people with nature. I am a true believer that a good design can support and create opportunities for communities to grow in a more sustainable way. I am passionate about creating responsible and regenerative architecture that promotes social and environmental values.


Mind and Body Healing Space. Hydrotherapy, Learning, Yoga and Meditation Centre.

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Work from 2021

Towards better future

Terroir Centre for Regional Studies, Abergavenny.

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