Kochi, Ernakulam district, Kerala, 682005, India

Project Description

A catalyst to explore the challenges and realise the opportunities of Kochi’s canals

Water is fundamental to all human settlements. But in an urbanising world and a warming climate our relationship with water is increasingly strained. There is pressure for change and a growing optimism that we can create a new relationship based on a resilient, liveable future.

The canalled city of Kochi lies on the Malabar Coast in south-west India. The City’s physical and cultural history is inextricably linked to water. In recent decades the canals that were once at the centre of transport and trade have lost much of their former vibrancy as they fight for space within the continuing urban sprawl.

Today, Kochi faces an abundance of urban and water challenges (including pollution and flooding), but there is also has an abundance of opportunities for regeneration. The Abundance Project includes a ‘smart city’ initiative (using innovative hydraulic devices to monitor and improved water quality and flow across the City), social scaffolding (first to safeguard spaces from inappropriate development before evolving into permanent spaces), and a central research and educational space (the Abundance Research Centre, known as the ARC).

The Abundance Project acts as a catalyst to solve Kochi’s urban design and water management challenges. As the global urban population continues to grow this project looks to become an prototype for a new way of living with water that enables a sustainable pathway to liveability.

Billy Sayers