CY(lch)NEFIN [Circular Habitat]

Image showing the historic existing fabric and the proposed retrofit intervention

CY(lch)NEFIN [Circular Habitat]


Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

“An ecosystem with a place for all in the symbiotic community of animals and people”

CY(lch)NEFIN is defined above, the key argument of the thesis in response to linear narratives around industrialisation, destruction and regeneration between nature and architecture, aiming towards a harmony between the two.

The project is a retrofit of the BBC building in Central Square, Cardiff in 2121, after decades of ecosystemic disaster due to climate change and apathy towards the value of urban civic space.

Responding to this, the project proposes reusing the surviving built fabric to create a community space for all, including a skatepark that wraps around the public realm to provide shading, drainage and habitats for biodiversity as well as providing amenity.
Promoting the idea of self-sufficient ecosystems amidst increasingly finite resources, the project also includes urban farming within threshold spaces and a rooftop greenhouse, with plant waste being used for biogas systems that provide carbon dioxide back to the greenhouse plants in turn.

In summary, I aimed for the project to offer a resiliency against ecosystemic disaster, while revitalising and giving value to a community in the process of adapting to climate change.

Daryl Whitehouse



Linking between public/community design and nature, my interest in architecture lies within the two, exploring through ethnographic studies and other forms of research to learn and adapt within my personal design, while looking towards the future. I value a holistic approach which focuses on the needs and aspirations of community as well as the importance of context in terms of history, culture and biodiversity.