Diverse Approachability

Diverse Approachability


WSA Student Show, Prototype Award - Terence O'Rourke - Winner


National Museum Cardiff, Civic Centre, Cardiff, Wales

Project Description

Re-programming the museum typology.

Access is explored as a medium through which to privilege diverse experiences in the transformation of the National Museum format, specifically the National Museum Cardiff.

The project seeks to overcome a historically embodied experience of obstruction and exclusion through the Museum's use of heritage designated materials and inaccessible organisation.

Exploring a new architectural typology and materiality allows the proposal to respond to the existing fabric of the Museum to embody it with a new collective experience that guides the institution through its next 100 years of service.

The thesis drove the proposal by exploring the creative opportunities that arise when access is privileged rather than viewed as a problem to be solved.

Spencer NIcholls


MArch 2