Envisioning a ‘malleable’ cultural space

Envisioning a ‘malleable’ cultural space


Royal Docks, 10, Harbour Exchange Square, Isle of Dogs, London, City of London, Greater London, England, E14 9GE, United Kingdom

Project Description

The thesis challenges the way we perceive, design and inhabit urban public spaces

The design thesis aims to explore the potentials of social interactions in a public cultural space. The proposal takes place within the Royal Dock’s skyline and participates in the area’s regeneration scheme. By introducing a civic urban public space, as part of the regeneration’s agenda, the aim is to emphasize on its importance for the contemporary city and urban social life.

This public and cultural realm space, focuses on fostering a connection between cultural production and art exhibition. In fact, the program of the proposal creates a framework for expression, through which both artists and spectators, have an active role in the production and exhibition of art.

By exploring conceptual malleability and consequently the notion of mimesis, as something malleable enough, able to integrate into its context and then adding site's parameters, a public cultural center has emerged as part of the regeneration of Royal Docks. Digital explorations, 3D modeling and simulation of various aspects of the project such as theatre's acoustics, are crucial elements of the design's development.

The proposed public, art-based proposal aims to offer a new public realm at Royal Dock's regenerated skyline. By connecting the production and exhibition of art under one roof, the scheme is a cultural center designed to be accessible to all. Art is vital for the contemporary urban life and through the project, social interactions become part of the everyday life of its visitors.

Konstantina Chronopoulou