Future Liveability in the Seafood Sector

Future Liveability in the Seafood Sector


Vypin, Kochi, Ernakulam district, Kerala, 682510, India

Project Description

Vypin Food & Logistics Hub

A key ingredient of liveable cities is economic well being. Unfortunately, increasing numbers of urban dwellers face financial struggles on a daily basis, the result of marginalisation, a lack of employment opportunities and reduced upward mobility. In an increasingly global world, easy access to information and employment should be guaranteed for all.

The informal economy has grown as an alternative to an unequal and exclusivist formal system. However, in informality, income gaps are huge; some thrive while others struggle to make ends meet. This is the case of the seafood sector of Kochi: industrial fisheries and large export companies dominate the scene while traditional fishermen struggle to sustain a living.

This thesis presents the make-up of Kochi’s fishing industry and its commodity chains, identifying and addressing key issues that affect traditional fishing practices. It further proposes an infrastructure to support the activities and well being of fisher communities and small vendors alike, addressing the impact of unregulated industrial fishing practices.

Changes will be proposed on policy and on spatial levels that would impact the entire fishing sector in Kochi and the way fresh fish is consumed, in an attempt to make the city more liveable.