How Acoustics Shape a Subconscious Value

How Acoustics Shape a Subconscious Value


City Centre, Castle, Cardiff, Wales, CF, Storbritannia

Project Description

Exploring acoustic diversity in the city

The project is focusing on acoustic diversity and evaluates what cities, specifically civic spaces, should sound like in the future.

The project's aim is to provide an acoustic intervention that widens access to music and test out various acoustic experiences through functionality, science, and emotions.

The aim is for the intervention to create zones and refuges with varying acoustical complexity. Therefore the initial concept led to designing a form driven by sound, which became the geodesic dome shape. The intention is for these domes to bring people closer and create a harmonious environment for future generations.

As the college is taking over the Old Library and working with a set brief, my position of mine is to add value to the live project, by incorporating acoustic interventions, which became geodesic domes.

Community Engagement


Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama





over months

The live project plans include music and performance spaces and further developing Welsh language education work in the building and the temporary geodesic dome structures will support the following programs. It is important to support their project aim, to make the Old Library widely accessible, and to establish it as an important cultural, artistic and educational hub for the public as well as for the College’s community of students, staff, and stakeholders.