Unit XIX: Productive Structures

The philosophy of a mixed city is at the strategic heart of urban regeneration. However, many cities throughout the world are less diverse than we make them. The economy of production, fabrication, and maintenance are essential to our urban existence. The XIX unit considers that element of production to be vital for the modern metropolis to be more robust.

As each city focuses on establishing its own industry, the feeling of living in fragments grows more prevalent. To tackle this fragmentation challenge, the unit regards having different kinds of urban systems combined as a way to open up new avenues for city growth. This is accomplished through social connections and long-term sustainability. Equally important is the boosting of manufacturing, making the industry more visible and integrating the municipal fabric into daily life.

The XIX unit approach is to revisit the aspect of a productive city. It examines the type of beneficial interaction that occurs between the building and the urban processes in which it is embedded. Is the city's emphasis on agricultural or industrial products? Is the emphasis on being more cultured or conscious? The range of a city's production varies and it is the architect's responsibility to choose an urban scheme that enables revitalisation and sustainability. These are some of the aspects that the unit cohort addresses through its architectural proposals. The work, which makes use of computational techniques for design and evaluation, consists of a portfolio of design concepts showcasing a range of open-ended urban regeneration plans.

Parametric Architecture - The Infinity Tower

Computational Methods for Tall Buildings

Nikoletta Evdokimou

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Qiuyi Zhang

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Vertical Aeroponics Farming To Feed the Growing Population of the Royal Docks

Desislava Asenova

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Envisioning a 'malleable' cultural space

The thesis challenges the way we perceive, design and inhabit urban public spaces

Konstantina Chronopoulou

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Royal London Docks Ecological Park

A New Mixed Use ecological Park, Food Market & Research Facility for Newham

Jourdan Palmer

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Blue Spaces, Blue Minds

Reconnecting People to Water at London Royal Docks

Coco Chew

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The Hydrogen Fun Palace

A new industrial typology at Albert Island

Iulia Tenea

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The Ripple

An informal typology of workplace

Irini Athanasiadou

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