Unit XVII: Regenerative Vision

What if climate destruction has meant that humanity is at the end of the road and as of tomorrow, we need to take radical steps to change the way we live. What would this world look like? How would we change the way we live?

The unit explored progressive economic and environmental philosophies and their potential influence upon our urban environment and social wellbeing. From using ‘the 15 minute city walking principle’ at city scale to ‘Circular Economy’ principles at building scale, the unit developed imaginative and creative responses to regenerate an urban environment in Bristol, UK.

The relentless pursuit of economic growth has delivered ecological destruction, financial fragility, and social instability. We need to act now with a transformational approach to our way of living and consider our future through the lens of positive imagination, based on a complete economic and societal shift.

The outcomes were developed as policies at city master-planning scale and integrated into a fully resolved public building to 1:1 detail. Thorough understanding of the impact policy can play to deliver societal and environmental change through to net-zero Architecture. Links were created between the green and blue infrastructure, re-modeling the city around the proposed policy changes. The developed projects look at how instrumental policy change can ignite an abundance of positive circumstances which improve access to public spaces for all, biodiversity, health, and well-being.

‘There are no non-radical options left before us. I believe imagination is the only thing we have that is, or could be radical enough to get us through, provided it is accompanied, of course, by bravery, and by action. ‘Naomi Klein'

The Collective Workshop

Re-industrialise to Re-humanise

Caspar Willingale

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Eastville Community Living Room

Addressing Climate Change With A Collective Approach

Lavanya Palaneer

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The Climate Playhouse

Reducing Climate Anxiety within the Built Environment

Natalie Ballone

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Upcycle: Bristol

The Open Re-Use centre, community remanufactory and learning centre for Eastville.

Arnaud Latran

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