Unit XIII: Liveable Urbanism

Cities as the engines of the global economy consume a disproportionate 70% of global resources and result in more than 75% of global emissions. However, cities where more than 55% of the global population reside occupy less than 3% of the landmass. Therefore, cities need to be sustainable, liveable, and attractive for global sustainability. The patterns of consumption, pollution, social, environmental, and economic injustices make many cities unliveable and unsustainable.

Post-industrial models of urban development consider cities to be static. However, cities are one of the most complex systems that we have ever created; consisting of social, environmental, economic, intuitional, and spatial sub-systems. These subsystems manifest themselves in the spatial system of a city constantly transforming each other.

Liveable Urbanism studio unit explores these complex relationships in the cities, especially in the global south where the cities are growing rapidly and their sustainable development is detrimental to global sustainability. In 2021-22 Liveable Urbanism was based in Kochi, a coastal city of 0.67m population in the southern Indian state of Kerala, to develop a comprehensive vision for a sustainable, re-silient, and liveable future for Kochi.
Studio encouraged students to develop a GROUNDING in theory and approach to the liveable cities and tools for modelling cities. This then followed onto an intense RESEARCH that included a field trip to Kochi to develop personal agenda. Students developed their first set of ACTIONS in the form of urban strategies to achieve their individual agenda which in turn informed their RE-ACTION with an urban catalyst project.

Liveable Urbanism

Group Research Booklet

Ana Moldovan

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Kerala's Guest Workforce

Looking at the welfare of interstate migrant labourers on job sites and their living conditions

Meylan Fernandez-Villazon

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Future Liveability in the Seafood Sector

Vypin Food & Logistics Hub

Claudia Petre

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A catalyst to explore the challenges and realise the opportunities of Kochi’s canals

Billy Sayers

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Breaking Down Boundaries

A framework for taking ownership of wasted space

Veronique Beaudet

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The Social Capital of Liveability

Bridging socially fragmented communities in Kochi through mixed-income development

Lee James Thien

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Mental Health and the Urban Environment

This thesis investigates the relationship between the urban environment and mental wellbeing by using mental health as the main lens

Eleni Vlataki

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Public Restrooms for Kochi

Developing a city-wide sanitation network for future liveability of Kochi with a particular emphasis on the urban poor and women.

Iman Abdul Nasir

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achieving a liveable Kochi through reclaiming the public space on the road

Ana Moldovan

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Combating Social Isolation and Loneliness through Inclusive Neighbourhoods

Revitalising Perandoor Road to create an informal care network

Chelsea Wong

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